Evaluate LLM Pipeline Production Readiness

Take objective decisions on production readiness of your LLM based pipeline by evaluation them with 25+ metrics on performance, guardrails and costs.


Select from 25+ Trusted Metrics

Celsius serves your state-of-the-art metrics including LLM based metrics for transparency on the performance, cost and safety of your LLM application pipeline.

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F1 Score

Answer Correctness

Answer Similarity

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and more...

Create Your Own Custom Metric

With Celsius' Metric Wizard, create your own Boolean or scale-based metric to inspect unique aspects of your LLM pipeline.

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Aligned to your Objectives

Celsius allows you to perform rigorous evaluation on a predefined pipeline as well as a model selection mode generating several versions of your pipeline automatically with different foundation models

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Inference Evaluation

Deep insights on performance, cost and guardrail metrics on your predefined pipeline.

Model Selection screenshot

Model Selection

Compare several foundation models on your production like dataset and metrics to find the best pipeline version.

Streamlined Workflow for Efficiency and Reporting

Designed for a seamless, integrated and collaborative workflow experience across various functions


Zero Platform Fee

Only pay for evaluation API usage at the same rates as the best evaluator models such as GPT4.

Evaluate with few lines of code

Access Celsius evaluation services via Celsius Client

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One Platform for all Production Needs

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    Detailed insights into the production readiness with 20+ performance metrics.

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    Continuously track your AI models' health, identify issues proactively, and ensure optimal performance.

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    Real-time flagging and filtering of prompt injections, jailbreak attempts for a secured user experience.

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    Navigate the evolving regulatory landscape with confidence through comprehensive compliance support.