Production Grade Security for LLM Pipelines

Celsius Shield protects your enterprise and customer data, alignment & integrity of underlying LLM models while allowing high quality user experience with AI interactions.


Low Latency Real Time Scanners

Celsius Shield is a light weight yet powerful AI security solution scanning millions of LLM interactions for Prompt injections, PII breaches and Jailbreaks.

Pipeline Security Dashboard

Monitor and Analyze your LLM pipeline security with detailed 30 day breakdowns

Screenshot of security dashboard

Quarantine & Custom Alerts

Set custom alerts and quarantine for potential security breaches

Screenshot of alerts

Threat and Risk Calibration

Tune Celsius Shied to increase precision and maintain user experience

Screenshot of risk calibration

Protection Against Infinite Attack Vectors

The most advanced Zero-Trust security intelligence around your LLM pipelines fielding against infinite possibilities.

Illustration of protection against infinite attack vectors

Zero Platform Fee

Only pay for API usage at the same rates as model API providers

Integrate in few lines of code

Seamless integration of Celsius Shield via its client within minutes.

Monitoring code screenshot

One Platform for all Production Needs

Model Selection screenshot
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    Detailed insights into the production readiness with 20+ performance metrics.

  • Monitoring icon


    Continuously track your AI models' health, identify issues proactively, and ensure optimal performance.

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    Real-time flagging and filtering of prompt injections, jailbreak attempts for a secured user experience.

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    Navigate the evolving regulatory landscape with confidence through comprehensive compliance support.