Ensure a healthy LLM Production Pipeline

Gain real-time insights into performance, cost, and operational health, ensuring your LLM based application pipelines operate at their best.


Actionable Insights on Performance, Cost and Operations

Celsius provides a comprehensive observability suite with all the data and metadata for monitoring and improving you LLM based application pipelines

Performance Batch Review

Automate batch probing of production usage to monitor real-time performance delivered to users.

Screenshot of actionable insights

Continuous Cost Check

Get real-time cost per inference data to keep your costs under control

Screenshot of metrics

Operational Analytics

Providing latency, error and other operational meta data for continuous improvements

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100% Downtime Saving

With automated switch feature to change active pipeline version to its back up ensure that your users are always served with high performing and operationally active pipeline version

illustration of automated switching feature

Zero Platform Fee

Only pay for API usage at the same rates as model API providers

Integrate in few lines of code

Easy access to all Celsius services and production capabilities via Celsius Client.

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One Platform for all Production Needs

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    Detailed insights into the production readiness with 20+ performance metrics.

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    Continuously track your AI models' health, identify issues proactively, and ensure optimal performance.

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    Real-time flagging and filtering of prompt injections, jailbreak attempts for a secured user experience.

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    Navigate the evolving regulatory landscape with confidence through comprehensive compliance support.